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Small Electrical Works

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Additional sockets

With the number of electrical appliances the average household use on a daily basis continuing to grow, you may find that you’re running short of sockets, or trailing increasing numbers of cables across the floor to reach them. The solution is to add extra sockets. We can do this for you, advising on where to place the sockets, making sure that they are safe to use, and installing them so that they blend in with other fixtures and fittings.

Kitchen & Bathroom electrical installations
(including lighting and shower cabling)

If you are carrying out electrical installation work in a kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, you are strongly advised to use only certified electrical engineers, and in most cases are required to do so by Building Regulations. Failure to do this can invalidate buildings and content insurance, and equally importantly, may mean that your property is unsafe.

John Regan Electrical can carry out all kitchen and bathroom electrical installations, and also replace fittings such as sockets, switches and lights, and add additional lighting, fittings and switches for you. We can also test and certify existing installations for safety giving you peace of mind, and ensuring that, in the unfortunate event that anything does go wrong, your insurance will still be valid.

Fault detection

Knowing what has happened because of an electrical fault is easy, knowing what caused the fault is a lot harder, and attempting to find out and resolve the fault by yourself can be both dangerous and time consuming.

At John Regan Electrical, whatever the type and size of the fault, we talk to you to find out how and when the fault occurred, and then use this information, and our knowledge as certified electrical engineers, to decide the probable cause, investigate, and rectify this. We then test the system to make sure the fault is resolved and all is in correct working order before we sign the work of as complete.


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